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Nest Managers Proudly Unveils The Nest Shield Foundation: A Commitment to Our Tenants

Nest Shield Foundation

At Nest Managers, our dedication goes beyond offering beautiful homes; it's about cultivating a community that thrives on trust, mutual respect, and resilience. Today, we are immensely proud to introduce our latest endeavor — the Nest Shield Foundation.

An Initiative Rooted in Care

With the increasing challenges of the modern world, we believe in the power of community support. The Nest Shield Foundation symbolizes our pledge to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our tenants, ensuring that during turbulent times, no member of our community feels alone or unsupported.

How It Works

Every month, a portion of every application fee received by Nest Managers will be channeled directly into the Nest Shield Foundation. These funds aim to provide assistance in the form of a unique rent aid grant, ensuring that our community members always have a roof over their heads.

A Carefully Curated Process

The Nest Shield Foundation isn't merely a fund that anyone can tap into; it's an initiative rooted in trust and responsibility. Potential beneficiaries must undergo a thorough application process, demonstrate a positive rental history, and validate their need for support. And to ensure transparency and utmost integrity, awarded funds will directly cover rental expenses and will not be handed out to tenants.

Owners Can Play Their Part

Our esteemed property owners aren’t left out of this endeavor. In the coming weeks, there will be an option for our owners to voluntarily contribute to this noble cause. Besides the profound impact on lives, contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible, offering an added advantage.

The Nest Shield Foundation is more than an initiative; it’s an embodiment of our values. As we unveil this project, we're sending out a powerful message: At Nest Managers, we're more than just landlords and tenants; we’re a family.

For more details related to the Nest Shield Foundation, please reach out to our Customer Experience Managers at [].


Your Nest Team


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