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Another aspect of Nest Manager’s superior service to our clients is our skill in refurbishing rental real estate through independent contractors. This is an area which is of extreme importance in realizing the maximum possible rents from a property. As avid investors ourselves, we realize that “rehabs” can be devastatingly expensive to the property owner if not handled with experience, skill, and an overview of what the finished product should be.


NEST is ready to help with prompt, affordable and complete maintenance, repair, and renovation services. Our Project Manager supervises the make ready process and capital reserve projects. We have a highly trained staff of skilled in-house maintenance technicians and an extensive list of area contractors to make sure the project is completed quickly, efficiently and with attention to the costs involved (After all, we are investors ourselves and understand the cost effective methods necessary to make your purchase rent ready.) When you partner with NEST, we are fully capable of handling  repairs at every turn. From the initial bid on large projects to the final inspection, our team is here for you.


We feel that by helping the property owner achieve his/her goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner, our long-term job of managing the property will actually become easier (fewer emergency repairs, higher rents, better class of tenants, higher tenant retention rates, etc.)..


Interested In A Fresh Approach To Property Management?

Our clients have profited beyond their expectations with Nest Manager's diligent help. Let us help you turn your property into the profit-maker today!

Partner with Nest Managers Real Estate to Manage Your Rental Property with No Hidden Fees.  Request A Quote Today!

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