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We’ll take care of you and your investment so you have time to do what you do best. Our knowledge, experience, and integrity—along with reasonable prices and pride in a job well done—mean you can relax knowing your investment is working for you.


We’re pragmatic, highly skilled professionals who deliver professional management service like no other. We use the latest technology and marketing strategies to find and keep qualified renters for your property. We get it. We support our owners with property management solutions intended to save time and money. Whether you are a Professional Real Estate Investor or an Accidental Landlord, we can help. We specialize in servicing high-quality homes here in Fayetteville and surrounding areas.  Single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, and separately owned condos looking for long-term renters fit nicely into Nest Manager's portfolio. Our commitment to excellence, education, and technology, as well as our ability to respond and adapt to market forces, means we can confidently provide the highest caliber of service. We invite you to get connected and join our unique network of professionals for a long and lasting business relationship. Call us. We want to talk to you.


If you're a homeowner in Fayetteville, NC looking to prepare your home as a rental, it's important to invest in maintaining and improving the property. This will not only increase the value of your asset, but also attract higher quality tenants who are willing to pay higher rental rates.


At Nest Managers Property Management, we understand the importance of properly maintaining your rental property to maximize your return on investment. Our team uses a detailed approach to property management to reduce visible and invisible risks, resulting in lower days on market, higher quality tenants who stay for longer periods of time, and homes that increase in value rather than decrease due to deferred maintenance. To ensure the best possible outcome for your rental, follow our make-ready standards and invest in your property from the start. For a comprehensive list of our Rent Ready Standards Click Here


Partner With Us Throughout The Lifetime Of Your Investment

Every investment property and investor are different. So are the needs and goals for that investment.

Fayetteville, NC is a hotbed for investors and rental properties. Whether you are just launching your investment career, or adding properties to your existing portfolio, it’s important to make sure those properties are occupied and generating revenue for you. With our deep local knowledge of the Fayetteville real estate market, and focus on human-to-human collaboration, the Nest Managers team can help you locate a property that fits your investment goals, analyze the return and expenses, lease your property, and maintain it all with one call. Nest Managers works hard to care for your property, so you can minimize your risk and maximize your ROI.

  • Where is my NEST marketed?
    As licensed real estate professionals, we are members of the MLS (multiple listing services) and will input your home just as we would if we were selling your home. This service populates your home to over 200 major listing sites to include Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Hotpads and more. Additionally, we heavily utilize social media marketing and many Fort Bragg sites such as AHRN (Army Housing Referral Network). Our tarketed marketing campaigns allow us to secure a qualified applican 5x faster than our competitors.
  • Are any other Marketing items included in my Leasing Fee?
    As part of our leasing fee, we include complimentary high quality real estate images. This is at no additional cost to you. Our professinal real estate photographer captures your home in its best light, allowing us to stand out against the "cell phone images" online and attract a higher number of tenants quicker.
  • When will my Nest be listed?
    The Nest will be marketed as soon as it is vacant and ready to tour. This will ensure prospective tenants are seeing a nice clean space and experiencing the home at it's best. Additionally, this timing eliminates confusion as it relates to the move - showing the home in a condition they can expect. We have found that listing the home prior to vacancy results in lost momentum and more days on the market. In some instances, we are able to "Pre-market" a home with careful timing and planning.
  • How long is the management contract?
    12 Months and is automatically renewed on an annual basis.
  • What happens if I am not happy with your service?
    Let us know! If we can't change your mind in 30 days we release you from your contract at the end of the following month. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • I'm A Homeowner Looking For Information On Your Services & Pricing.
    Excellent! You've come to the right place. A list of our services and complete pricing menu can be found on our page: . Our Owner Guarantees can also be found HERE: Feel free to take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.
  • I'm A Homeowner Looking To Speak With Someone About Having Nest Manage My Investment Property.
    We would be honored! Please feel free to fill out a form: and a member of our Onboarding Team will be in touch within 24 hours.
  • How do you qualify tenants?
    Our company utilizes a 14 point tenant verification process through a proprietary software which establishes a tenant risk level rather than simple relying on a base credit and income score. Additionally we run extensive background checks along with rental verfication checks and social media audits on each of our applicants. We use the same process for each of our tenants, on each home that we manage.
  • Once the home is marketed, will the homeowner get to choose or approve the tenant?"
    Once the home is marketed, we do our best to follow first come, first serve guidelines and process applications one at a time. There are scenarios in which multiple applications come in at once. In this scenario, if there are multiple applications that have qualified for a home, we will send you a basic outline of the approved applicants and allow you to choose the one you prefer. No personal information will be provided.
  • Is there any option for the homeowner to take charge of tenant selection?
    If you know someone interested in leasing the home, send their information to our team and we will begin the application process prior to marketing the home. Once approved, Nest will happily draft the leasing documents, complete the move in inspection and process the rent payments.
  • Does the homeowner have to accept pets?
    Pet owners make up over 90% of Fayetteville's rental pool. The more restrictions you place on pets, the smaller your rental pool becomes. However, this is your home, and we want you to feel comfortable with who you have living in it. We do charge a non-refundable pet fee ranging from $200-$450 for per pet. This is charged to the tenant at the time of move in and is given to you. This does not cover any damage from the pet but allows the tenant the ability to have a pet in the home. If you feel strongly about not allowing pets, we will agree to hold out for a tenant without pets. Please note: Verified service animals are not considered pets and must be accepted even in those situations where pets are prohibited. It is illegal to collect an additional deposit for service/emotional support animals.
  • Who holds the security deposit?
    Nest holds the tenant's security deposit in a designated non interest bearing security deposit trust account until they move out. If we take over management of a property which is already rented out, the owner must forward the security deposits to NEST right away.
  • How is the amount of the security deposit determined?
    Our standard security deposit defaults to one month's rent.
  • What happens if the tenant damages the property?
    Tenant damage can be deducted from the security deposit...for the most part. It is important to note that you will have people living in your home and wear and tear is to be expected. Wear and Tear is different than Tenant Damage. There are clear guidelines as to what can and cannot be deducted from the tenant's security deposit in the North Carolina General Statutes. For more information on this, please contact us directly.
  • When do homeowners receive the rent NEST collected from the tenants?
    We process owner payments/disbursements by the 15th of each month. You will receive an Owner's Statement each month. If the tenant pays all or a protion of the rent late, you may not receive the payment until the following month. The Owner's Statement will include copies of work orders, processed invoices and a ledger of income and expenses. Please review for accuracy each month. Much of accounting is automated.....we all know how that goes. Please expect an additional 2-3 business days for the owner distribution to hit your bank account.
  • How is the monthly rental amount set?
    Our team will work with you to set the rent for each rental property. We will prepare a comparative market analysis based on the recently leased properties in your neighborhood to give you a good idea of rates and offer our suggestions. While the home is vacant you can expect to work with an agent on a rental marketing plan.
  • How much of a rent increase can the homeowner expect upon renewal?
    There are many things to consider at renewal time. The market, the current economy, your tenant and their history - this is why our team will reach out to you 60 days prior to the renewal of your tenant's lease agreement. This will give you (and us) ample time to have a discussion and notify the tenant accordingly.
  • How much will it cost the homeowner to hire NEST to prep the home for a new tenant?
    The condition of your NEST plays an important part in determining the cost. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering move in ready, top notch properties that are well maintained. Some Nests need minimal repairs to be market ready. Some require upwards of thousands of dollars as we work with many investors that purchase properties in need of major renovations. Our services vary and can be easily outlined in our Services Menu.
  • Will NEST us the homeowner's preferred vendor?
    We're happy to use your contractors and always appreciate adding quality vendors to our toolbox. Each vendor must sign a Nest Managers Vendor Agreement, produce a W-9, Contractor's License and Insurance Policy before they are scheduled for any job of a Nest Rental Property. If your desired contractor is unresponsive, unavailable or has not produced the proper documentation, we will default to a NEST approved vendor.
  • How are emergency calls handled?
    Maintenance calls are handled 24/7 and without homeowner approval. To avoid bothering or pestering the homeowner, we will fill you in on the emergency calls once it has been handled. You will be notified via your Owner Portal anytime a maintenance work order is submitted.
  • How often is the home inspected?
    As the homeowner, you have the option to choose the inspection package that best fits your needs. NEST will perform the Move In and Move Out Inspections without the tenant and provide a 20-60 page report of organized photos and line items. We find this to be a more objective way to document the house rather than the standard NCRA form which asks the tenant to notate if an area is "Ok or Needs Improvement." This method allows us to easily compare the move in and move out condition side by side and deduct any tenant incurred repairs from the security deposit. Additionally, you will recieve quarterly inspection reports on your portal (typically 10-20 pages) which notate the current visual status of your NEST.
  • What happens if the tenant moves out early?
    Depending on the situation, we will do our best to work with the tenant and make sure that a new tenant is found prior to any potential loss of income for you, the homeowner. We understand that situations arise (loss of employment, family emergency, etc.) and always try to work with our tenants in this situation to keep a harmonious relationship. However, we still enforce the lease which is a legally binding agreement and enforceable in the court of law. If a tenant does move out early, they will be responsible for the rent due for the remainder of the lease agreement until a new tenant is found, plus any repairs and remarketing expenses.
  • What happens if the tenant doesn't pay rent?
    We are proud to say that in all of our years in business we have never evicted a tenant we have put in place through our screening process. Yes, we have evicted some inherited tenants. And, there is a first time for everything. On the 4th day of the month, our administrative team begins sending gentle reminders to our tenants the rent will be considered late after the 5th and to be sure to pay to avoid a late fee. Most times, our tenants communicate with us if they will be late, and why, and we pass that along to our homeowners. On the 6th day a Late Notice is sent and Late Fee charged. On the 11th day we will work with the homeowner to begin the Eviction Process. Our goal is to avoid evictions if possible and to keep open and honest lines of communication open at all times. We find that building and maintaining relationships is one way to avoid this.
  • What happens if the neighbors complain about the tenants?
    We would encourage your neighbors to reach out to us if they are experiencing frustrations that cannot be handled with the tenant directly. Feel free to share our direct contact information with the neighbors so they know how to get a hold of us. In order for us to issue a formal violation to the tenant they must be violating a section of the rental agreement and we need specific dates and times of the violations. Photos/videos can be very helpful should the situation escalate.
  • Who pays for utilities?
    In most cases the tenant will be required to contact the utility provider(s) and place all utility accounts in their name. In some cases, certain utilities (like garbage collection) may remain in the homeowner's name, or you may choose to include utilities in the rent. We require all tenants to provide proof of utilities prior to move in and to keep the utilities on throughout the duration of their lease agreement.
  • Will the owner be notified if the utilities are disconnected?
    It is important to contact each utility provider and ask them to flag your account as a rental. The provider will help to be notified when diconnections of your home occur. This is especially important between tenants. Additionally, our team members will also notify you when a tenant is moving out of their move out date to remind you to place the utilities back in your name.
  • Will the tenant manage landscaping?
    Typically landscaping is a tenant responsibility. However, if you are an advid gardener and love your grass and your landscaping and want to keep it in tip top shape, we do encourage you to consider hiring a professional and including landscaping in the rent. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the yard, deweeding the beds and trimming the bushes, however, we cannot guarantee that their standards are your own. As with all NESTS, we want you to rest assured that the home is being maintained as close to your expectations as possible.
  • Is it appropriate for the homeowner to reach out to the tenant directly?
    No. If you are looking for direct contact with your tenants, full service property mangement may not be ideal for your situation. Once you've hired NEST to manage your rental property we ask that all tenant communications go through our office, no direct contact. We want to ensure the homeowner is not placed in a tough position of over accomodating or over promising. We also want to make sure the tenants are going through the proper channels of communications (online work orders and forms). Documentation is the key to successful property management and something we take very seriously. We will take great care of your tenants promise!
  • Tenant Manual
    If there are special instructions that would help the tenant more comfortably live in the home, you might want to consider creating a "Tenant Manual." A simple 3-ring binder or laminated sheet on the refrigerator works great for this. Please make sure you include this information in your owner documents as well for our notes.
  • Why is NEST required to be listed as additionally insured on the Homeowner's Insurance Policy?
    This is a standard requirement for property managers and only applies to the general liability part of the policy. Since the owner has to indemnify the property manager for anything that could go wrong (except for professional negligence and other similar facts,) having the additional insured would streamline the defense process.


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