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Our management fees are cost-effective and designed to end up saving owners money long-term. We charge a simple leasing fee to fill the vacancy, and our monthly management fees are a flat percentage of the monthly rent rate for a comprehensive spectrum of services. In the end, our goal is to pay for ourselves through more efficient, careful management. For example, filling a vacancy five times faster with our team pays almost half the typical management fees for the entire year! 


Nest Managers Leasing Services

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Rental Assessment Report

A rent report that outlines average rents along with a list of comparable properties and a suggested range for your NEST.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

New Unit Set Up

Digital files created.  Set up of the owner and tenant portals.  Uploading of all management agreements and folders set up for Lease Documents and Inspections along with Financial Reports.

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Monthly Management Services

Monthly financial statement.  Tenant rent collections.  Coordination of routine service requests of occupied units.  After hours emergency maintenance responder.  Mid-lease inspection.  Processing invoices.  Move out accounting.  Written tenant notifications/lease violation.  Tenant communications.  Annual statement and 1099.

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Initial Inspection Report

Comprehensive inspection report notating any needed repairs.  20-50 pages including individual line items and corresponding photos.  To be used as a baseline at move out.

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Professional Marketing Package

15-20 High Resolution Professional Images.  Placement in the multiple listing services and populated on over 200+ major listing sites.  Social Media Marketing.  Army Housing Network Marketing.  Self Showing Technology with 6 Layer Advanced Security System allowing showings 7 days a week.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

24 Hour Lead Response Policy

You can't lease a house you don't show! Guaranteed response from our Leasing Team to all leads generating a faster turn around and securing a tenant 5X faster than the area competitor.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Extensive Tenant Screening Process

14 Point Tenant Verification Process.  We utilize a proprietary software to establish a tenant risk level rather than relying on just credit and income.  Also includes Social Media and extensive Background & Rental Verification Checks.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Lease Execution & Annual Renewals

20-60 page lease packet with required addendas.  Lease renewals.   May also be required upon on-boarding occupied units.  If there is not a valid lease in place, turnover management fee may apply. 

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

On Site Visits

Nest Team Member Property Visits:  Accompany vendors when required, grant access for insurance and appraisal inspectors.  Courier Owner’s personal items.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Owner Portal

24-7 Access to online portal.  Includes management agreements, lease documents, inspections and end of year Financial Reports.  Additionally receive copies of work orders and vendor receipts when available.  Electronic Direct Deposit of owner funds included in as well.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

24 Hour Communication Policy

Guaranteed open lines of communication from our team members at all times.  We are dedicated to responding to all calls and emails within 24 business hours.

Nest Managers' maintenance team performing essential property repairs

Nest Managers Maintenance Services

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Work Order Processing

Dedicated Maintenance & Operations Division with over 30 years Construction and Project Management Experience trained to address and mitigate any maintenance issues that arise 24/7.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Transparent Maintenance Reporting System

Immediate notification of any tenant placed work order that has been assigned and consistent updating from our Maintenance Team Members.  Attached invoices and pictures to accompany any completed work when included on each monthly management statement.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

In House Maintenance Technician

General Maintenance & Handyman services provided in house ready to address a variety of maintenance concerns 24/7.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Extensive Vendor Network

Extensive network of licensed and insured vendors ready to address an array of issues requiring the attention of a professional that should be carrying a state issued license for their field of expertise. 

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Project & Construction Management Services

Processing & close supervision of any work that exceeds normal maintenance requests.  Our team can handle anything a simple faucet replacement to an entire home renovation.

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Immediate Response Policy

Dedicated Maintenance Team Member required to respond to all tenant work orders 24/7; limiting expenses and liabilities that may come with repairs and issues left unattended.  

Rental Companies Fayetteville NC

Vendor Response Policy

We require our licensed and insured vendors to adhere to our standards of communication, guaranteeing your tenant's needs and service requests are handled in a timely and efficient manner with the highest level of customer

Nest Managers Turnover Management



How To Transfer Your Nest To Nest Managers


We understand the process of transferring your Nest can seem like an arduous process, but we are here to help!  Turnover is the process of making a vacant home rent-ready for a new tenant or transferring a current tenant in place from your current property management company to us.  Homeowners can hire Nest to manage this between tenants or during the on-boarding process.

Partner with Nest Managers Real Estate to Manage Your Rental Property with No Hidden Fees.  Request A Quote Today!

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