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Eviction protection guarantee

As a Nest Managers owner-client, you can relax and let us handle everything, including one of the biggest risks that a landlord may face: eviction legal fees.  

How can we do this?

Because our screening is so good, and our processes are so tight, we are able offer you this service.

Landlord accounts with Nest Managers must be in good standing and with no violations of the terms of the Residential Management Agreement.


Termination of the Residential Management Agreement shall cause enrollment in Risk Mitigation to immediately terminate and Nest Managers shall not be responsible for any claims either past or future.


The resident must have been procured by Nest Managers and on a Nest Managers lease agreement with a start date of August 1, 2023 or later.


In the event a resident defaults on the payment or rent, Nest Managers will have the sole right and sole discretion to institute legal proceedings for an eviction.


All legal fees incurred will first be billed to the resident. Nest Managers will first attempt to collect funds from resident to reimburse owner. If Nest Managers does not collect these funds from resident, then Nest Managers will pay these expenses within the coverage limits stated above.


All amounts due from resident for legal fees will first be deducted from the resident's security deposit, and Nest Managers will pay any amount over the security deposit to the maximum payout amount. Nest Managers will have a first claim position against the resident for any payment(s) recovered.


The maximum payout by Nest Managers per lease agreement will not exceed $1,000.


All payouts by Nest Managers will be made after the resident has vacated the premise and after the completion of the security deposit disposition by Nest Managers.

Any lease fees charged to the resident will be retained by Nest Managers.


 This guarantee excludes eviction fees for any resident on any government subsidized program including Section 8.

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Eviction Protection
Moving Day

Tenant placement guarantee

Never pay two leasing fees within a 12 month period for the same unit. We stand behind our screening and the tenants we place. With our full service management, we will replace a tenant that breaks a lease within their first lease term for free. That's right, we will cover the marketing, listing, showing, processing applications and getting you a new tenant on our time and cost.  Only exclusion is if a tenant is relocated due to verifiable military PCS order under SCRA law

Tenant Placement

100% Satisfaction guarantee

A lot of people say they are the best and you won’t regret hiring them. We believe that the quality of management should stand on its own. IF you aren’t fully satisfied working with Nest Manager, let us try to fix it, or fire us with just 30 days’ notice! Of course, this doesn't apply if you choose to sell your home with your brother in law in the middle of your tenancy or you have decided you prefer blonde's after working with a team of brunettes.  We only ask that you put your ocncerns in writing and give us a chance to remedy the situation.  We are humans too and make mistakes and our job to to exceed your expectations!

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