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The Evan's Farm

Being a Fayetteville native, I have driven by the stately yellow home overlooking Cliffdale & Morganton Road thousands of times over the course of my life. Looking up at the majestic property I always wondered who lived there, what they were like and what did the inside of this home look like. It always seemed like a daydream to even be able to walk through the doors. I remember a few times driving by and seeing a sweet little old lady walking around her yard in her housecoat, tending to her flowers I'm sure.

As the years went by the house slowly became less and less lovely. No doubt that time was taking its course and the mere size of this home probably became overwhelming to this sweet lady that lived there. Soon, it seemed as though no one even lived in the home. I can remember thinking on several occasions, how sad, if only this house would become available I would purchase and restore it to the beautiful showpiece I had remembered it as as a little girl.

And sure enough, as fate would have it, that's just what we've done. Join us on one of our most exciting adventures yet as we breathe life back into the Evan's farm. A special thank you to Crows Toes Photography for capturing the home in its original form.

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